All Age Service: 4th Sunday of the Month @ 11am

Let the children come!

Jesus was adamant: he wanted children to be allowed free, unrestricted  access to God. Sometimes though, just the way things are done in church  can confuse kids. For 20 years very few children came to normal Tabernacle services. Understandably, of course: our church members are  friendly and they always delight in children, but ‘old’ hymns, solemn prayers, strange-looking adults and weird prayers with silences can all be so intimidating!

So Tab’s members prayed about it. They decided to start a child-oriented, All-Age worship service. This was in response to a request from the local Messy Chapel to host the children and parents once a month.

And now, kids can’t wait to get to church on the 4th Sunday of the month!