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Learning Website Design

Big THANK YOU to the Windermere Centre Where do you start if you want to set up a website, but have no idea how to go about it? One options is to sign up for the website building course offered by the Windermere Centre. The website you are on right now is a result of […]

God’s Fabulous Farmyard

  God’s Fabulous Farmyard A Parable for Children  Insight into the Parable How does one explain the message of the Occupy movement to children? Perhaps the children know the difference between right and wrong better than adults, but this parable tells the story – old as humanity itself – of what constitutes right thinking, right […]

Tabernacle Supporting the Newport Food Bank

The Paradox of FoodBanks Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur ultrices semper ultricies. Quisque dignissim vitae magna a condimentum. Ut at scelerisque lectus. Nunc odio elit, dignissim sit amet enim vel, elementum varius arcu. In vel blandit sapien, sed vestibulum sapien. Phasellus accumsan condimentum dignissim. Sed lobortis, nisi quis ornare molestie, ligula […]